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Kenilworth State Forest and Forest Reserve

What's special?

In the rugged Conondale Range lies one of the state’s most popular and picturesque forests, Kenilworth State Forest and Forest Reserve. Waterfalls, cascades, boulder-strewn creeks, rainforest, tall open forest, plantation forests of hoop and exotic pines, and spectacular scenery make this forest well worth a visit.

The diverse forests provide a home for a wonderful variety of wildlife including more than 120 species of birds and many mammals. The threatened but seldom-seen yellow-bellied glider lives in the open forest.

At the junction of Peters and Booloumba Creeks, scenic Booloumba Gorge features cascades, falls and rockpools.

Kenilworth is the site of an annual horse-riding endurance event.

Exploring Kenilworth

Stop for advice and brochures at the QPWS office 6km south of Kenilworth. A public phone is located here. Explore the forest from your base at Booloumba Creek or Charlie Moreland camping and picnic areas. A 37km forest drive takes you into the heart of the forest. Allow 90 minutes for the forest drive.

Stop at the halfway point, Peters Creek, for a short break. See riverine rainforest and tall open forests with Sydney blue gums, blackbutt, tallowwood, grey ironbarks, flooded gums and brush box.

Have a picnic in the rainforest overlooking the creek at the Booloumba Creek picnic area. In summer, the orange-flowering blackbeans are a picture.

Choose from three rainforested Booloumba Creek camping areas. Toilets, picnic tables, barbecues, firewood, cold showers (Area 1 only), water, bins and a public phone are provided. Bookings are required for Booloumba 1 and 3. (Both campgrounds have individual tent sites.) Booloumba Creek 4, a self registration camping area, is suitable for large groups and caravans.

Camp or picnic at Charlie Moreland on the banks of Little Yabba Creek. Picnic tables, toilets, wood-fired barbecues, firewood, water and bins are provided. The campground is suitable for families, large groups and caravans. Pay your fees on-site. Horse riding and bike riding are allowed. A horse paddock is provided. Permits are required to ride in State forest areas. Check with the Ranger.

Backpack camping for horse riders, cyclists and bushwalkers is allowed by permit away from camping areas and roads. (Always check with the Ranger.)

Hike to Mt Allan for a view over the forest. Picnic facilities and tank water are provided at the Mt Allan fire tower.


Forest walks range from short strolls to the challenging Mt Allan hiking trail with views over Booloumba Gorge. Wear sturdy shoes and be careful not to walk on slippery rocks. The Mt Allan trail is easier when tackled from Charlie Moreland.


Fig Tree walk is a sealed, wheelchair-accessible track on the banks of the Mary River near Little Yabba Creek Rest Area on the Maleny-Kenilworth Road. The toilets in the camping areas are wheelchair-accessible but some assistance would be needed to negotiate the camping area. The Booloumba Creek picnic area and toilets are wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Kenilworth is about two hours’ drive north of Brisbane via the Maleny-Kenilworth Road. Access to the camping areas is suitable for conventional vehicles and caravans. The turnoff to the forest office is about 6km south of Kenilworth or 13km north of Conondale. The office is a further 0·5km and Charlie Moreland is 5km from the turnoff. The turnoff to Booloumba Creek is signposted 12·5km north of Conondale. Access to the Booloumba Creek areas, 6km from the Maleny-Kenilworth Road, may be restricted by flooded creek crossings following heavy rain.

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