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Kinkuna, Burrum Coast National Park

What's special?

This remarkably unspoilt stretch of coastline features a long, sandy beach backed by low sand dunes, tea-coloured waterways and a variety of coastal vegetation communities from wallum heath to sedgelands, tall open forests, low stunted woodlands and paperbark swamps. The Kinkuna Section of Burrum Coast National Park also protects the catchment of Theodolite Creek.

Exploring Kinkuna

Enjoy the peace and quiet in this undeveloped section of the park. Visitors must be self-sufficient. Take fresh water, a first aid kit and a fuel stove for cooking or take your own firewood.

Walk along the beach or go birdwatching in the heath. See beautiful wildflowers in late winter and spring. Let the ranger know if you intend hiking in this undeveloped part of the park.

Camp behind the sand dunes in the shade of casuarina trees. Use the access ramps to get to the beach. Pay your camping fees at the self-registration station.


No formal tracks are provided but you can walk along fire trails. Wear a hat and sunscreen. Take drinking water. Register overnight hikes with the ranger at Woodgate.

Getting there

Kinkuna is accessible only by four-wheel-drive. Sand driving experience is essential. Turn off the Bundaberg-Childers Road 17km south of Bundaberg. Follow Coonarr Road for 8km then turn into Palm Beach Road which leads to the park. Palm Beach is 16km north of Woodgate or 30km south of Bundaberg.

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