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Koombooloomba Forest Reserve

What's special?

Surrounding Lake Koombooloomba, Koombooloomba Forest Reserve protects tropical rainforest, tall eucalypt forest and dry open forest remnants at the southern end of the Evelyn Tableland. The forest is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and located in one of the wettest areas in Queensland.

Several rare and threatened animals live in the forest including Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo, the Herbert River ringtail possum and the red goshawk.

Exploring Koombooloomba

Relax and enjoy nature in this undeveloped forest. Camping and picnicking facilities are provided at nearby Koombooloomba Dam.

Go for a scenic drive through the rainforest to Kirrama, Blencoe Falls and the Herbert River to the south. Four-wheel-drive access is possible in the dry season only. Permits are required.

Getting there

Koombooloomba is 34km south of Ravenshoe. Conventional-vehicle access is possible along the Tully Falls Road.

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