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Kosciuszko National Park

Important update: back country safety and information on huts damaged in the 2003 fires.

This is one of the world's great national parks, and the largest in New South Wales. Covering almost 675,000 hectares, the park contains the highest mountains in Australia, the famous Snowy River and all NSW ski fields. Its many and varied attractions include walks through alpine herbfields; spectacular caves and limestone gorges; scenic drives; and historic huts and homesteads.

One of the Australian Alps national parks, this park is nationally and internationally recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It contains six wilderness areas, and its alpine and sub-alpine areas contain plant species found nowhere else in the world. The park is also home to the rare mountain pygmy possum and corroboree frog.

New plans for the park

At the moment:
  • The park's plan of management and fire management plan are being reviewed.
  • A regional environmental plan is being developed by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources for the ski resort areas within the park.
  • The Perisher Range Resorts Master Plan has been published, giving direction for future development within the resort areas on the Perisher Range.

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