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Kulpi Mara

There are Pleistocene sequences at this site. This one of the 3 known Pleistocene sites in central Australia. The sedimentation history and phases of occupation at the Rockshelter have been clarified by the combination of 7 new radiocarbon dates and 4 dates that were obtained earlier. A number of pulses of occupation have been shown by the sequence with the earliest being between about 34,178 and 29,102 BP, and there were intermediate pulses when their was little use of the site, which contrasts with the use of the Puritjarra Rockshelter, 165 km to the west, where the occupation was more or less continuous. It is suggested by these differences that intraregional variability of both the geomorphic settings and the occupational histories of sites from the Pleistocene and Holocene in central Australia and the Western Desert can be expected.


The Australian Pleistocene

Sources & Further reading

  1. Thorley, Peter, Patrick Faulkner, and Mike Smith. "New Radiocarbon Dates for Kulpi Mara Rockshelter, Central Australia." Australian Archaeology, no. 72 (2011): 47-49.


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