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Lake Broadwater Conservation Park

What's special?

Lake Broadwater, the only natural lake on the Darling Downs, is an important refuge for waterbirds and other wildlife. Surrounded by cypress pine, eucalypt and brigalow open woodland, this shallow lake fills after heavy rains and is occasionally dry.

The park preserves valuable remnants of the vegetation types which once covered the western Downs before settlement.

Aboriginal people camped here and remains of ceremonial sites indicate this was a special place for the local community. Teamsters and early settlers travelling west from Jondaryan used the lake as an overnight watering stopover.

Exploring Lake Broadwater

Have a picnic under the shady river red gums and blue gums on the lake’s shores. Sheltered tables, barbecues and toilets are provided.

Stay overnight at Lake Broadwater or Wilga Bush camping areas. Lake Broadwater has grassy campsites overlooking the lake, toilets, cold showers and picnic facilities, and is suitable for caravans and motorhomes. Wilga Bush camping area has shady, secluded campsites on the northern side of the lake, toilets, fireplaces and a shelter shed. Pay your camping fees at the self-registration station in the picnic area or get your camping permit beforehand.

Boating is by permit, available from the on-site caretaker. No boats are allowed in The Neck, a bird nesting area. Go birdwatching from a hide near the neck of the lake.

Learn about the park’s vegetation along the walking track which skirts the lake. See the remains of an old dingo fence built in the 1860s for St Ruth Station.

Guided activities can be arranged through the Lake Broadwater Natural History Association.


A 2km track along the lake’s shore joins the two camping areas. A 1km side track leads to the lake overflow. See the vegetation along a 5km track starting near the main camping area.


The Lake Broadwater toilet and shower block is wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

From Dalby, drive 20km west along the Moonie Highway then turn left into Broadwater Road. Drive a further 9km to the picnic and camping area.

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