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Lake Lefroy - A salina

Lake Lefroy, outside of Kambalda on the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. It is 5700 Ha.

It's a massive expanse of thick, mushy, crunchy white salt that's smooth then ruffled in turns as the wind sighs and screams across it. It goes from pale pink to soft blues as the sun rises which change into angry reds and slate greys as it sets. In the heat of the day it's blisteringly white almost impossible to look at.

Palaeodrainage system

It is believed the palaeodrainage system that includes Lake Lefroy, Lake Cowan and Lake Dundas may have formed before the Jurassic, more than 200 Ma. The convergence of the Lefroy and Cowan systems form an acute angle, which indicates that the original combined system flowed to the north and the east at some time in the past. At Esperance, the coastline truncates the southern end of the Cowan palaeodrainage. The width at this point is believed to have been more than about 10 km, though the poor definition of it makes the exact width difficult to determine. The headwaters are believed to have been in Antarctica, based on the width of the palaeovalley, the flow being interrupted by the formation of the Bremer Basin at the start of rifting in the Jurassic.

Sources & Further reading

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