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Mia Mia State Forest

What's special?

Nestled in the foothills of the Clarke Range, Mia Mia State Forest is mostly open eucalypt forest.

Fireclay Road got its name from local clay which was used to make bricks before the plantations were established here. The first hoop pine plantation of about 12 hectares was established in 1934 and the last available area was planted in 1991.

Exploring Mia Mia

Go for a scenic drive through the forest to Pinnacle. Obtain your permit to traverse before your visit.

Bush camp at Captains Crossing beside Teemburra Creek. Visitors must be self-sufficient. Take drinking water.

Getting there

Mia Mia is west of Mackay. Turn off at Pinnacle and drive 20km south-west to the forest. The rough, gravel access road is four-wheel-drive only. Get your permit to traverse before entering the forest. Roads may be closed in wet weather or high fire danger periods. You can also drive to the park through Crediton State Forest.

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