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Mooloolah River National Park

What's special?

Most of the coastal lowlands in southern Queensland have been cleared for development. Mooloolah River National Park protects valuable remnants of wallum heath, open eucalypt woodlands and tea-tree swamps and woodlands near the Mooloolah River.

Exploring Mooloolah River

This is a quiet retreat for nature lovers. No facilities are provided.

Paddle your canoe along the Mooloolah River or ride past the park along the bike trail to the Sunshine Coast University.

Explore the park along fire management trails. Take your camera and binoculars. Enjoy the wildflower display in late winter and spring.


No tracks are provided but you can walk along the many fire trails through the park. Wear a hat and sunscreen and take drinking water.

Getting there

The park straddles the Sunshine Motorway near Mooloolaba and is accessible from Claymore Road, Sippy Downs past Sunshine Coast University. The Mooloolah River forms the south-eastern boundary of the park. No vehicle access is allowed.

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