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Mossman Gorge, Daintree National Park

What's special?

Crystal-clear water cascading over smooth granite boulders in the Mossman River makes this picturesque section of Daintree National Park one of the most popular parks in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

This section stretches from the coastal lowlands to rugged mountains, providing a home for a wonderful variety of rainforest animals including tree-kangaroos and the tiny musky rat-kangaroo. Tall dense rainforests clothe the lowlands and slopes while open forest and woodlands grow on the exposed slopes and mountaintops.

The Mossman Gorge Section is part of the traditional lands of the Kuku Yalanji people.

Exploring Mossman Gorge

Find a perfect picnic spot by the creek. Relax and enjoy this delightful place. Look for jungle perch, freshwater turtles and platypus in the creek. Swift currents, cold water and slippery rocks make swimming dangerous.

Go for a walk through beautiful lowland rainforest. Signs along the Rex Creek rainforest circuit help you explore the rainforest and explain why this place is so special to the local Kuku Yalanji people.

Mossman Gorge is a great place for wildlife watching. Birds from nearby upland areas and migratory birds visit the Gorge. See a colourful Boyd’s rainforest dragon soaking up the sun. Watch a spectacular Cairns birdwing or vivid Ulysses butterfly flitting through the forest.

Most of this section of the park is rugged and inaccessible. For your safety, never leave the marked walking tracks.

Mossman Gorge is popular, so arrive early to avoid the crowds. Camping is not allowed but you can stay nearby at Mossman.


A 400m track leads from the carpark along the river to a swinging bridge over Rex Creek at the start of a loop track through the rainforest. Wear a hat and sunscreen and insect repellent when walking. Only very experienced walkers should attempt hiking in this section of the park. Talk to a ranger first, complete a bushwalker registration form and let someone responsible know your plans.


The toilets are wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Mossman Gorge is 5km west of Mossman and 80km north of Cairns along the Cook Highway.

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