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Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park

What's special?

Baffle Creek is one of Queensland’s few remaining undisturbed coastal rivers. The creek’s estuary is protected on both sides by conservation parks. Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park 2 is on the northern shore.

This small coastal remnant features sandy beaches backed by low, open, she-oak woodlands and paperbark woodlands further inland. On the other side of the estuary, Mouth of Baffle Creek Conservation Park 1 is mainly mangrove woodland.

Exploring Mouth of Baffle Creek

This is a peaceful retreat for self-sufficient visitors. Go birdwatching or fishing. If you swim, remember this beach is unpatrolled and beware of marine stingers between October and May.

Camp under the coastal she-oaks behind the dunes overlooking the estuary and sandy beach. Take drinking water and a fuel stove. No facilities are provided. Generators are not allowed. Pay your fees at the self-registration station near the beach access point at Rules Beach.

Getting there

Mouth of Baffle Creek is about one hour north of Bundaberg near Rules Beach. Head towards Miriam Vale and Agnes Water. From Bundaberg, take the Rosedale-1770 Road about 58km to Berajondo. Turn right 500m before Berajondo into Hills Road. Continue to Rules Beach via Wartburg. Drive 1km south along the beach to the camping area. Access is four-wheel-drive only around low tide. Sand driving experience is necessary as getting off the beach can be difficult.
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