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Mt Archer National Park

Mt Archer National Park, Near Rockhampton, Queensland

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On Rockhampton’s northern doorstep, Mt Archer National Park protects bushland remnants in the Berserker Ranges, a scenic backdrop to the city. Mt Archer (604m) is the highest peak.

Open forest clothes the mountain while lush subtropical rainforest grows in sheltered pockets, making this park a haven for wildlife.

This is the traditional land of the Darambul people who hunted game and gathered rainforest fruits along the creeks. Mt Archer was named after the early pioneers of the Rockhampton area.

Exploring Mt Archer

Escape the summer heat. Go for a scenic drive up the mountain. Have a picnic in Frazer Park, a local authority-run park on the summit. Picnic tables, shelter sheds, barbecues, firewood, toilets, water and bins are provided.

Enjoy views over the Berserker Range, Rockhampton and the coast from lookouts around the summit. Stay and watch the sunset over the city.

This is a great place for nature lovers. Beautiful rainforest trees, stately eucalypts, ferns, palms, cycads, grasstrees, paperbarks, she-oaks and flowering callistemons are some of the plants you will see if you take the time to explore the park.

See the different forests on the 11km walking track winding from the top of the mountain to the bottom. Arrange to be dropped off and collected. Walking back uphill is quite strenuous.

Relax beside the creek. Look for trout gudgeon and freshwater crays in the waterholes which fill after rain. At sunset, brush-tailed rock-wallabies come to drink. Go birdwatching. Forest fruits attract topknot, brown, wompoo and white-headed pigeons. Glossy black-cockatoos feast on casuarina seeds in summer.

Camping is not allowed in the park.


Some of the walks at Mt Archer involve a return uphill climb. Take drinking water. Wear a hat and sunscreen.


Frazer Park, on the summit of Mt Archer, has a 500m wheelchair track to two lookouts and wheelchair-accessible toilets and picnic tables.

Getting there

Mt Archer is on Rockhampton’s northern outskirts. The summit is reached from Frenchville Road and Pilbeam Drive. The bottom entrance is off Old Norman Road and German Street.

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