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Mt Cook National Park

What's special?

Rising to 431m, rugged Mt Cook provides a scenic backdrop to the township of Cooktown in Mt Cook National Park. Rainforest and tropical woodland with a heath understorey cover the mountainís upper slopes and sheltered gullies while grasslands grow on the southern slopes.

The park is home to the large amethystine python and northern quoll. Pied imperial-pigeons and buff-breasted paradise-kingfishers visit in the summer months.

Exploring Mt Cook

Spend a few hours exploring. Take your binoculars and go birdwatching.

Camping is not allowed.


A 3km circuit leads to a vantage point with views over the Great Barrier Reef to the east and the Endeavour Valley to the west. From here, an unmarked route leads to the summit. Take extreme care.

Getting there

You can see Mt Cook as you approach Cooktown by road or sea. Access to the walking track is from Ida Street and is signposted.

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