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Mt Hypipamee National Park    Atherton Volcano

What's special?

High on the Evelyn Tableland in the Hugh Nelson Range, Mt Hypipamee National Park contains beautiful high altitude rainforests which are remarkably different from tropical rainforests found elsewhere on the tablelands. These upland forests contain species related to those in subtropical rainforests further south. Open forests also grow in the park, part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Mt Hypipamee National Park is home to a wonderful variety of wildlife including possums found only in the wet tropical rainforests of north Queensland, such as the green ringtail, lemuroid ringtail and Herbert River ringtail possums.

The volcanic pipe or “diatreme” at Mt Hypipamee was formed when a volcanic vent exploded violently creating a sheer-sided crater. The explosion crater is 70m across with sheer granite sides and the lake is 58m below the rim and about 82m deep.

Exploring Mt Hypipamee

Have a picnic in the rainforest then go for a walk to a viewing deck over the diatreme. Picnic tables, wood barbecues, water and toilets are provided.

Look for golden bowerbirds, spotted catbirds and riflebirds in the forest and honeyeaters around the picnic area. Go spotlighting at night to see the possums or join a commercial tour.

Camping is not allowed in the park but you can stay nearby.


Walk 400m through upland rainforest to the crater or take the 1km return track to Dinner Falls, a series of cascades on the upper Barron River.


The track to the crater is wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Mt Hypipamee is 25km south of Atherton along the Kennedy Highway.

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