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Mt Jim Crow National Park

What's special?

Volcanic activity created Mt Jim Crow, a trachyte plug protected in Mt Jim Crow National Park. The base and lower slopes of this impressive dome are covered in semi-evergreen vine thickets and hoop pines tower over the dry rainforest.

Mt Jim Crow is important to the local Aboriginal people. A Dreaming legend tells the story of how this mountain was created by the rainbow serpent.

Exploring Mt Jim Crow

Stop on your way between Yeppoon and Rockhampton and tackle the rough trail up this mountain. A walking track leads to a quarry at the base of the mountain and a rough scramble takes experienced climbers to the summit.


Only experienced walkers should attempt this climb and only in dry weather.

Getting there

Mt Jim Crow is 29km east of Rockhampton, about halfway along the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Road.

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