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Mt Lewis Forest Reserve

What's special?

In the Daintree region, Mt Lewis Forest Reserve protects upland rainforests and a variety of rare and threatened wildlife, including the golden bowerbird, southern cassowary, Mt Lewis spiny cray, lemuroid ringtail possum and Daintree River ringtail possum. Mt Lewis Forest Reserve contains some of the most accessible and scenic upland rainforest in the area and is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Exploring Mt Lewis

Go birdwatching. See golden bowerbirds, blue-faced parrot finches, noisy pittas and chowchillas. The short walk to a small dam is popular for birdwatching.

Go for a scenic 28km drive through the forest. Have a bush picnic beside a boulder-strewn rainforest creek. No facilities are provided. Along the forest drive, enjoy views over the forest and mountains.

Dogs and camping are not allowed in the forest. You need a permit to traverse to travel further than 11km along the Mt Lewis Road.


A short track leads off the Mt Lewis Road to a small dam and communication tower. Wear sturdy walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Take drinking water. Allow about 45 minutes for the return walk.

Getting there

Mt Lewis is about 90 minutesí drive north-west of Cairns. Head north along the Captain Cook Highway. Turn onto the Rex Highway (Mossman-Mt Molloy Road) 4km south of Mossman and head towards Mt Molloy. Take the Mt Lewis Road 3km north of Julatten or 11km north of Mt Molloy. Drive 11km along this road to the walking track. Four-wheel-drive is recommended but conventional access is possible in dry weather.

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