Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 

Mythology of the Nullarbor Plain    

The Sun Mother

The Earth was completely silent and dark and the land was barren with nothing moving on it. A beautiful woman, the Sun, was asleep in a cave beneath the Nullarbor Plain, and the The Great Father Spirit woke her and told her to leave her cave and stir the universe into life. Darkness disappeared when the Sun Mother opened her eyes, her rays spreading all over the land. When she took a breath the atmosphere changed and a gentle breeze blew, the air gently vibrating.

Once she was out of her cave she went on along journey, going across the barren land from east to west and from north to south. Grass, shrubs and trees grew wherever her rays touched the ground and the land became covered with vegetation. The Sun found living creatures in each of the deep caverns of the Earth, that had been sleeping, as she had been, for unknown ages. She awoke the insects and told them to spread throughout the grasses and trees. Then she woke the snakes and lizards and many other reptiles that slithered out of their deep hole. Mighty rivers flowed behind the snakes that teemed with all kinds of fish and water life. Then she called for the animals, the marsupials and many other creatures, to wake and make their homes on the Earth. The Sun Mother told all the creatures that the days would sometimes change from wet to dry and from cold to hot, she made the seasons. One day as the all the animals, insects and other creatures watched, the Sun traveled far in the sky to the west and the sky shone red, and darkness returned to the land when she sank from view in the west. Being alarmed the creatures huddled together in fear. Some time later a glow began on the eastern horizon and the Sun rose smiling into the sky once again. By this means the Sun Mother had provided a time for rest for all her creatures by making this journey each day.


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Sources & Further reading

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Last updated: 03/10/2013
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