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Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park

What's special?

In the Gold Coast hinterland, the Natural Bridge Section of Springbrook National Park protects subtropical rainforest remnants and an intriguing rock arch formation over Cave Creek. This is a popular destination for hinterland visitors.

Cave Creek once flowed over a waterfall in front of the present stone bridge. Over time, water gouged out a cavern in the softer rock behind the waterfall, while a pothole formed in the creek above. Eventually, the water broke through the roof of the cavern. Like a natural bridge (or arch), Cave Creek now plunges through that hole into the cavern below. One of Australia’s largest glow-worm colonies lives beside the track and on the roof of this cave.

Natural Bridge is part of the traditional lands of the Kombumerri people. Aboriginal people commonly travelled through the Numinbah Valley when attending gatherings and ceremonies. This Section also contains reminders of the early timber-getters who came to the Numinbah Valley searching for the prized red cedar trees.

Exploring Natural Bridge

Have a bush picnic in the rainforest. Coin-operated electric barbecues, picnic tables and a shelter shed are provided. Boil tap water for five minutes before drinking.

Look for noisy pittas, rainforest dragons and rainbow lorikeets in the forest. At night, you can spotlight possums in the trees and see glow-worms inside the cave under the rock arch. After dusk in summer is the best time to see the glow-worms. Please do not disturb the glow-worms or shine your torches on them. Commercial tours operate.

Camping is not allowed in this section of the park but you can camp on the nearby Springbrook plateau or stay in private accommodation in the Numinbah Valley.

Find out about the forest at the information shelter at the start of the walking track.


Enjoy a short rainforest walk and see the natural arch over Cave Creek. Stay behind the safety fence above the arch. People have been seriously injured diving in the creek.


The small picnic area has wheelchair-accessible toilets. Several steps make the whole circuit unsuitable for wheelchairs. If you go anti-clockwise, you can get to the lookout over the arch with a stroller and, possibly, a wheelchair.

Getting there

Natural Bridge is 30km from Nerang or 42km from Mudgeeraba via the Springbrook plateau. The drive from Brisbane takes about 90 minutes.

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