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Numinbah Forest Reserve

What's special?

In the scenic foothills of the border ranges lies Numinbah Forest Reserve, the gateway to some of the most popular Gold Coast hinterland parks. This large forest protects rugged mountain scenery, dry open eucalypt forests and wet sclerophyll forests fringing the Nerang River and picturesque Waterfall Creek. Tall flooded gums and orange-flowering silky oaks grow in these forests.

Exploring Numinbah

Go for a scenic drive through the Numinbah Valley and stop here for a picnic or barbecue beside the Nerang River. Barbecues, firewood, picnic tables, a shelter shed and toilets are provided. Dogs on a leash are allowed in this forest.

Horse riding and cycling are allowed by permit, available from the Naturally Queensland Information Centre. Queensland Association of Four Wheel Drive clubs can apply to go scenic four-wheel-driving in the forest. For safety and to minimise damage to the forest, stay on existing tracks.

Camping is not allowed in the forest.


There are no formal tracks but you can walk along the forest roads with care. Give way to horse riders using the same tracks. Take drinking water.


The picnic area has wheelchair-accessible toilets and picnic tables.

Getting there

Numinbah Forest Reserve is 25km south-west of Nerang or 40km north of Murwillumbah along the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road.

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