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Out of Africa vs Regional Continuity                                                                                      

The 2 main theories of the evolution of modern humans are the Out of Africa Hypothesis (The Noah's Ark  model) and the Regional Continuity Hypothesis (the candelabra model). Both agree that the migrants left from the Africa, they differ on when and whether the previous populations of Eurasia were replaced or interbreeding took place with existing populations of H. erectus

The Out of Africa Hypothesis

Turkana newcomer -> Sangiran -> Ngandong
                              -> Zhaoukoudian
                              -> Petralona -> Dali & Neandertthal
                              -> Kabwe    -> Omo/Kibush -> Mungo -> Australoid
                                                                            -> Liujiang -> Mongoloid
                                                                            -> Cro-Magnon -> Caucasoid
                                                                            -> Iwo Eleru -> Negroid

The Regional Continuity Hypothesis

Turkana newcomer -> Sangiran -> Ngandong -> Mungo -> Australoid
                              -> Zhaoukoudian -> Dali -> Liujiang -> Mongoloid
                              -> Petralona -> Neanderthal -> Cro-Magnon -> Caucasoid 
                              -> Kabwe - Omo/Kibish -> Iwo Eleru -> Negroid

These suggested tables are based on diagrams in Guran Burenhult, 2003

The basis of the Out of Africa theory is mtDNA, the The Regional Continuity theory is based on skeletal material.

The Eve theory

Sources & Further reading

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