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Dongara  Area - Northern Perth Basin

In the subsurface of the Dongara Area there is a moderately complete succession of Lower Permian to Upper Jurassic rocks (Mory & Iasky, 1996), with several gas and oilfields (Owad-Jones & Ellis, 2000). Near Dongara, the outcrop is poor, units from the Cainozoic and the Yarragadee Formation of the Upper Jurassic being present. Outcrops of the Cattamarra Coal Measures, from the mid-Jurassic and the Cadda Formation at Mount Hill, 26 km northeast of Dongara are exceptions. Much of the area is covered by units from the Cainozoic, along the coast being dominated by deposits of Holocene age, and the Tamala Limestone from the Pleistocene, extending inland for up to 20 km. There is also ferruginous duricrust east of the Gingin Scarp, that is believed to be from the Miocene (Mory, 1995b).

Locality 30 - Leander Point, Port Dennison. About 3.5 km south-southwest of the Dongara post office. The Tamala Limestone from the Pleistocene, low coastal cliffs with facies of coral reefs and aeolian deposits.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Geology of the Northern Perth Basin, Western Australia - a field guide
Author: M. H. Monroe
Last Updated 21/10/2016

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