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Stromatolites from the Neoproterozoic in Glaciogenic Successions, Kimberley Region, Western Australia - Evidence of a Younger Marinoan Glaciation

A stromatolite from the Neoproterozoic III, Tungussia julia, is found in the Egan Formation, Louisa Downs Group, which is the uppermost glaciogenic unit in the Kimberley Region, Western Australia. Biostratigraphic correlation of the Egan formation with the Julia Formation, Amadeus Basin (Supersequence 3 of the Centralian Superbasin) is allowed by the identification of this stromatolite, which makes its identification significant, and the upper Wonoka in the Adelaide Geosyncline. Stratigraphically, the Julia and the Wonoka Formations are younger than the glacial sediments of the Marinoan glacial sediments in the Adelaide Geosyncline and Centralian Superbasin. The Egan Formation is implied by this to record a younger glaciation that occurred in Australia in the late Neoproterozoic.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Grey, K., and M. Corkeron. "Late Neoproterozoic Stromatolites in Glacigenic Successions of the Kimberley Region, Western Australia: Evidence for a Younger Marinoan Glaciation." Precambrian Research 92, no. 1 (9/1/ 1998): 65-87.
Author: M. H. Monroe
Last updated 06/08/2013
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