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Strzelecki Regional Reserve

It lies southwest of Innamincka, covering an area of 11,654 sq km between Merty Merty Station and Lake Blanche on the Strzelecki Track, that was the only access track to the Reserve. The Cobbler Desert, with pale sand dunes is the major feature of the Reserve.

The reserve covers the vast pale sand dune country of the Cobbler Sandhills and Strzelecki Deserts and the bed of Strzelecki Creek, that is mostly dry, but when it has water it is a major bird breeding area. The Strzelecki Boundary has been realigned to follow more closely the boundary of the Tinga Tingana Pastoral Lease, the lease not being part of the reserve. The result is that there is no longer public vehicular access to the reserve, permission to travel on the private property of the lease area is required from the owner of the lease.

Desert Parks Hotline 1800 816 078

Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure 1300 361 033

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