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The Todd River

There are a number of features of the Todd River floodplain that indicate that in the recent past there has been a very significant flood, but there is no record of it in the past 100 years. Lying south-east of Alice Springs, the active floodplain of the Todd and its tributaries covers a large area which includes a major flood-out. Most of the high ground it is confined to shows evidence of very large floods. The evidence includes overflow channels, discontinuous sand deposits, megaripples, and the Undoolya barfiled.

This barfield consists of a  5 x 2.5 km system of linear, 2 m high bars that are up to several kilometres long. The bars are separated by swales from 100-200 m wide. Coarse sand and gravel, similar to those in the bed of the Todd,  makes up the bars. These persistent relicts of a megaflood appear fresh, but no flood in the past 100 years has come close to the magnitude of the flood required to form these bars and other structures indicative of a very large flood.

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