Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 

Ulidarra National Park

Highlights: Near Coffs Harbour and adjoining Bruxner Park Flora Reserve, Uldarra's old-growth coastal eucalypt forest provides habitats for a diverse range of fauna, including koalas, masked owls, wompoo pigeons and little bent-wing bats.

Activities: The drive through the park from Bruxner Park to Karangi offers lovely views, and you're sure to find a cool spot for a picnic beside Bucca Bucca Creek on Shelter Road.

Access: 5 km north of Coffs Harbour via Swans Road off Bruxner Park Road, or Convincing Ground Road off Coramba Road (unpaved roads; 4WD needed when wet).

The Undara Lava Tubes or caves, located in the McBride province in north Queensland, have an average height of 10 m and an average width of 15 m.

Sources & Further reading

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Author: M. H. Monroe
Last updated  25/02/2011



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