Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 

West to East Profiles of Southern Continents

The 3 southern continents all have coastal plains on the east and west coasts, in India, the eastern coastal plains are bordered by the eastern Ghats, In Africa, the eastern coastal plains are bordered by the Drakensberg Mountains. In Australia, the coastal plains are bordered by the Great Escarpment. In South America it is the Guyana Highlands that border the coastal plains. These margins were upwarped following rifting.

On the west coasts of the continents there are the Western Ghats in India, the Khomas Plateau in Africa, the Darling Scarp and Meckering Line in Australia. The central parts of the continents downwarped at the same time. In India the Deccan Plateau (high compared with the same parts of the other southern continents, but lower than the upwarped margins, in Africa the Kalahari Basin and in Australia the Lake Eyre lowlands, the only one that is actually below sealevel.

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