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Wyperfield National Park

Located in the flat, semi-arid north-western corner of Victoria, Wyperfeld is one of Australia's most fascinating national parks. The central feature of this huge, 356,800 ha park, is a chain of lake beds connected by Outlet Creek, the northern extension of the Wimmera River. The lakes only fill when the Wimmera River over-supplies Lake Hindmarsh to the south of Lake Albacutya. When it rains the semi-arid landscape is transformed by tiny desert plants that sprout from long-dormant seeds, carpeting the ground with clusters of flowers.

Things to Do

  • The Eastern Lookout Nature Drive is highly recommended as a good introduction to the park.
  • There are a number of self-guided walks that provide a closer look at the plant and animal life of Wyperfeld. Leaflets are available at the start of the tracks. Check the Park Note below for further details.
  • The Eastern Lookout and entrance roads, and the Outlet Creek track are good for cycling. Other tracks are too sandy.

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